Holiday Homes

UK Muslim Getaways have teamed up with Sykes cottages to bring you some of the nicest holiday homes in the UK!

Once you have booked your holiday home, email us your booking name and the property name to and we will send you a ‘Halal Guide’ including the closest halal resturants and takeaways, the closest musjids to your holiday home and a list of fun halal activities to do in that area!

Are you thinking of keeping hold of your old home?
Perhaps you’re moving to a bigger home, downsizing after the kids have moved away, or just don’t want to sell in current market conditions.

Whatever the reason, the chances are that you’ve shared some great memories at your old home, and keeping hold of it with a holiday let could be a great way to boost your income and even put some money towards your retirement fund, with potential earnings of £15,000 to £30,000 per year!

You may even be going away for the summer or a few weeks in the spring and want to let your property out on a short term basis!

Well if thats the case we have plenty of Muslims looking for Halal Holiday lets! Give us a call so we can give you more information in sha Allah.

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